To code, or not to code. Surviving your first week at Flatiron Bootcamp.

How i wake up daily

Setting Up your work desk

one of my biggest mistakes was no having everything a needed to have a productive day. Little did i now that i was no where ready to embark on the bootcamp trip. I didn't have a proper desk, a proper chair and believe me, spending 10–12 hours daily on a bad chair and desk brings a big toll on your body. The first week my body was feeling awful, i had back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and more. So please don’t be like me, be prepared before starting the boot camp.

ignore the xbox controller

Teamwork makes the dream work

Even thou you have coaches and instructors to help you understand they work only on office hours, and believe me you are going to be coding much after office hours. So if you get stuck and need help after hours you can always rely on your teammates, thats why you have slack. A quick question to your friends can go a long way.

Remember to eat and rest!

The first week for me was very intense and time consuming. I had to find better ways to manage my time. Normally you are given one hour for lunch, but i would recommend to have your meals ready from before lunch time because its not enough time to cook something from scratch, and also you need some time to rest and get prepared for the afternoon lessons. Since the first week fiasko i started to meal prep on Sunday's, i would cook my lunch for the entire week and that helped me a lot with my time management.


Study! Study! Study!

The most important tip i can give is to study a lot. Even thou normally you have classes from 9am to 6pm, you still are going to need more time to keep up with the labs and homework. As it was said before, you are probable going to spend 10+ hours daily on the bootcamp. Just remember one thing, greats sacrifices brings great rewards . Peace out!



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